eBay Accounting Spreadsheet - Blue & Yellow Scheme

ebay Sller Accounting Spreadsheet

User-friendly, automated Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for keeping track of your eBay and Paypal sales!

This is a very user-friendly, simple to use automated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that I designed and created many years ago to keep track of my eBay sales and expenses. I have since updated it to newer versions of Microsoft Excel using a fully licensed version. You must have Microsoft Excel installed to open and use this spreadsheet. Although the spreadsheet is designed to keep track of your eBay sales, it is in no way affiliated with the eBay corporation. It can be used as an accounting ledger for ANY sales activity that uses Paypal for receiving payments!

The spreadsheet features automation in the form of calculating your net profits, expenses, and PayPal fees associated with your auction sales. It is designed for, and geared towards home-based "mom and pop" eBay sellers that sell 500 items or less per month. It's a simple way to see your profits grow, and know exactly how much you are making on your auction sales. Although all of the calculations are automatic, the spreadsheet requires that you enter your item sales. It does not download any information from eBay.

The spreadsheet has three main sections:

An INVENTORY sheet to keep track of items you have on-hand, cost, and storage locations.

A YEAR-TO-DATE summary sheet to quickly see how much net profit you have made so far, month-to month breakdowns, total number of items sold, category breakdowns, and a line graph showing trends by month.

12 MONTHLY sheets (January to December) to input and track your sales month by month.


Simple, manual input of your auction sales. Just use the fields you want! Enter a date, item description, quantity, sale price, item cost (if applicable), shipping received, and shipping cost. Then LET THE SPREADHSEET DO THE REST! It will automatically calculate your PayPal fees accordingly, and your net profit. It will then automatically transfer and compute the information to all of the other associated fields in the spreadsheet to update your totals. There is no need to enter cumbersome item numbers or other time-consuming data. Again, this is designed to be user friendly.

Automatic calculations and pre-saved formulas allow you to see your ongoing month breakdown on the right hand side, so you can quickly assess cost vs. profit and income vs. expense.

This spreadsheet does not automatically download your eBay fees. Rather, it is designed to have eBay fees inputed by the user manually, at the end of each month in the designated right hand dialog box. This eliminates the need to input each individual listing fee, final value fees, etc. Just enter the end of the month eBay fees to “close your month!”

You can also choose to use the simple, user-friendly inventory sheet to keep track of what items you have on hand, storage location, cost, and items sold/remaining. The sheet will automatically calculate total cost based on your inputs, and it will also calculate the total items remaining depending on quantity sold entered.

NEW VERSION Enhancements:

•New year-to-date category totals on the TOTALS page!
•Category header is now frozen when scrolling up and down in the spreadsheet!
•Over 350 additional entry lines added!
•New, easier-to-read color schemes!


This spreadsheet was designed on Microsoft Excel 2010 and tested on earliest version, Microsoft Excel 2000. You must have Microsoft Excel to open and use this spreadsheet. It is saved as an .xls Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook. Some color schemes may appear different based on your version of Microsoft Excel. Formula and header cells have been locked and protected to eliminate inadvertently deleting formulas.

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